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A Message of Hope – Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

After a few minutes spent reviewing internet sites devoted to scoliosis, you might end up feeling rather depressed and overwhelmed by the mass of contradictory and unscientific information to be found. It is no small wonder that so many scoliosis surgeries take place every year – from what you read on the internet (which is really the largest library in the world!), it seems to be the only option.

One study entitled, “Surfing for Scoliosis": the quality of information available on the internet,” the authors came to the conclusion that, “The information about scoliosis and scoliosis treatment on the Internet is of limited quality and poor informational value.”

The only website which earned their praise was the official Web site of the Scoliosis Research Society; this website is, of course, heavily biased towards traditional approaches such as bracing & surgery. It should not surprise us that this study was conducted by the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

However, the true effectiveness of the Harrington Rod surgery does not live up to the claims. Curves progress even in surgically treated patients; “Initial average loss of spinal correction post-surgery is 3.2 degrees in the first year and 6.5 after two years, with continued loss of 1.0 degree per year throughout life.” This is a mixed message, to say the least.

The best alternative scoliosis treatment available

This is why the Scoliosis Correction Center is excited to promote the teachings and philosophy of the CLEAR Institute: there is a non-surgical treatment for scoliosis, with no psychological or physical scarring, that achieves lasting, positive results! This is the best alternative scoliosis treatment available. It is this message of hope that defines who we are, even more so than the results we achieve.

If you or someone you know is suffering from the all-too-real side effects of scoliosis, please take a moment to review the information about scoliosis on this site. We update our site with new information as often as possible. Call today to schedule an appointment, and keep an open mind to the alternative types of treatment that we may suggest.

At the Scoliosis Center of La Crosse, we understand that historical approaches to scoliosis have failed to achieve lasting results. You are probably frustrated about your past treatment options. Well, it is now time for action. Please call 608-386-9382 OR 608-386-9538 or send us an e mail at for a consultation. One will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Bracing is ineffective

For more evidence that bracing is ineffective, let’s look to a study published on March 15, 1997, from the Ste. Justine Hospital in Quebec:

“Boston brace treatment produces complex trunk motions that tend to shift the spine and rib cage anteriorly [forward], with little derotation and lateral displacement to the left, whereas ideal correction would be the opposite [emphasis added].”

“A more optimal way to achieve trunk corrections could be made by applying loads laterally on the convex side and on the anterior thoracic [front of the chest] opposite the rib hump, with a system that constrains mechanically the posterior rib hump from moving backwards.”

This study, and others like it, led to the development of the Scoliosis Traction Chair that we use at the Scoliosis Correction Center and that the CLEAR Institute designed and patented in 2004. Why did it take seven years for someone to act on the idea that scoliosis could be corrected biomechanically? Maybe it’s because when all you have is a hammer (or scalpel), every problem looks like a nail (or patient in need of surgery!).

Science is involved in chiropractic

It’s time to take a new look, from a fresh perspective. The training we have received at the CLEAR Institute has given us a unique understanding of the mechanics and physics involved in the spine that many other healthcare practitioners, and unfortunately even many other chiropractors do not.

Please do not make the mistake of assuming that, simply because your family doctor is unaware of alternatives, they do not exist, or they are unscientific. You might be surprised by how much science is involved in chiropractic.

By the way, the above study was compiled and performed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. When it comes to scoliosis, physicists are closer to hitting the mark than the physicians designing these braces!


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"I struggled with back pain for 4 years prior to seeking help for my Scoliosis. I decided after visiting Dr. Breidenbach that it was worth the financial commitment and time dedication to go through the CLEAR scoliosis treatment. My pain throughout the 4 years was more of an extreme discomfort and occasional immobilization from immense pain spikes. My biggest problems occurred when I was on my feet for long periods of time, sitting for too long, and any type of consecutive lifting. It was emotionally draining because no matter what stretches, exercises or methods I tried, nothing seemed to work.
My pain level now, after completing the 4 month treatment program and continuing my at-home protocol, is extremely low and very manageable. The only time I experience discomfort is after very long days on my feet, which still only results in minor soreness. I am so much happier and less stressed about everyday activities, and can do so much more than before. My Cobb angle also improved from 13.8 degrees down to 4 degrees (71% improvement).
I would suggest the CLEAR scoliosis Center of La Crosse to anyone that experiences pain and dysfunction with scoliosis. The whole staff was extremely kind and supportive, while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. I am so happy to have a normal life without the constant annoyance and discomfort of pain from scoliosis.