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A competent doctor should be able to perform an examination of a patient, and establish a prognosis for how well that patient will likely respond to treatment. They should have a reasonable timeline for how long it will take to achieve results, and a plan for how often they will reassess the patient to ensure things are moving forward. If a doctor schedules re-examinations extremely far down the road, it is possible that your time could be wasted following an ineffective treatment regimen. As a patient, you have the right to know if the treatment you have chosen is effective sooner, rather than later. If you decide to wear a brace, you should expect to receive an in-brace x-ray that demonstrates a substantial improvement in the Cobb angle when the brace is worn. If you decide to see a chiropractor, he or she should conduct regular re-examinations and provide objective evidence that the treatment is effective. Avoid signing up for long-term care plans where exams will be done six months or even a year down the line; this is too long to wait for proof of results.

Most importantly, x-rays are mandatory when working with scoliosis; if your doctor does not take regular x-rays of your spine to measure the Cobb angle, this could be considered negligence and potential malpractice. Especially in skeletally immature patients who have the potential for growth remaining, scoliosis must be monitored closely for signs of worsening.

In addition to x-ray, re-exams should also include physical and functional assessments, such as lung capacity testing and posture pictures. Improvements in Cobb angle alone do not always correlate with improvements in cosmetic appearance or lung function, so it is important to have other methods of measuring these aspects of health.


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"I struggled with back pain for 4 years prior to seeking help for my Scoliosis. I decided after visiting Dr. Breidenbach that it was worth the financial commitment and time dedication to go through the CLEAR scoliosis treatment. My pain throughout the 4 years was more of an extreme discomfort and occasional immobilization from immense pain spikes. My biggest problems occurred when I was on my feet for long periods of time, sitting for too long, and any type of consecutive lifting. It was emotionally draining because no matter what stretches, exercises or methods I tried, nothing seemed to work.
My pain level now, after completing the 4 month treatment program and continuing my at-home protocol, is extremely low and very manageable. The only time I experience discomfort is after very long days on my feet, which still only results in minor soreness. I am so much happier and less stressed about everyday activities, and can do so much more than before. My Cobb angle also improved from 13.8 degrees down to 4 degrees (71% improvement).
I would suggest the CLEAR scoliosis Center of La Crosse to anyone that experiences pain and dysfunction with scoliosis. The whole staff was extremely kind and supportive, while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. I am so happy to have a normal life without the constant annoyance and discomfort of pain from scoliosis.