What Is Scoliosis

Idiopathic scoliosis is a lifetime, systemic condition of unknown cause. Scoliosis is a disease of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Most common in adolescent girls, it is progressive, psychologically detrimental and can cause both increased pain and increased physical disfigurement as it progresses.

Is there non-surgical treatment for scoliosis?

The standard ‘Medical Model’ is one of ‘wait and see’. What that means is the physician, usually an orthopedic surgeon, will simply re-x-ray a scoliosis patient, starting from either juvenile, adolescent or adult curvatures, periodically, until such time as the curve reaches 25 degrees or greater. At that point a hard brace known as a ‘Boston Brace’ which is worn almost all the time can be prescribed. This can also have harmful physical and psychological overtones for the patient, especially younger patients, and therefore compliance is a factor.

If continued progression is observed, surgical treatment for scoliosis is the traditional medical procedure. Whether the standard Harrington Rod is surgically implanted or the newer laser surgeries are performed, both are maximally invasive and results are spotty. Research states “the initial average loss of spinal correction post-surgery is 3.2 degrees in the first year and 6.5 degrees after two years with continued loss of 1.0 degrees per year throughout life.”

In this natural scoliosis treatment we utilize the latest non-invasive chiropractic procedures consisting of:

  • Specific spinal adjustments
  • Rehabilitative procedures
  • Specific isometric exercises
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular re-education
  • Cervical and lumbar lordosis restoration (a vital correction for success in removing the progressive scoliosis)
  • Muscle and ligament rehabilitation
  • Vibration therapy

Vibration Therapy, is a non-medical scoliosis treatment, via the use of a ‘Vibrating Scoliosis Traction Chair and Vibrating Platform’ are used to override the body’s proprioceptive defenses. Because the scoliotic spine compresses and rotates three-dimensionally, it must be tractioned and de-rotated in order for it to correct.


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"I struggled with back pain for 4 years prior to seeking help for my Scoliosis. I decided after visiting Dr. Breidenbach that it was worth the financial commitment and time dedication to go through the CLEAR scoliosis treatment. My pain throughout the 4 years was more of an extreme discomfort and occasional immobilization from immense pain spikes. My biggest problems occurred when I was on my feet for long periods of time, sitting for too long, and any type of consecutive lifting. It was emotionally draining because no matter what stretches, exercises or methods I tried, nothing seemed to work.
My pain level now, after completing the 4 month treatment program and continuing my at-home protocol, is extremely low and very manageable. The only time I experience discomfort is after very long days on my feet, which still only results in minor soreness. I am so much happier and less stressed about everyday activities, and can do so much more than before. My Cobb angle also improved from 13.8 degrees down to 4 degrees (71% improvement).
I would suggest the CLEAR scoliosis Center of La Crosse to anyone that experiences pain and dysfunction with scoliosis. The whole staff was extremely kind and supportive, while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. I am so happy to have a normal life without the constant annoyance and discomfort of pain from scoliosis.