Scoliosis Treatment

Understanding the CLEAR Protocols

Scoliosis is an incredibly complex condition involving much more than the spinal column.  There is no one magic adjustment or therapy which will work in every case.  This is the reason why understanding our protocols and especially the science behind them is important.  Scoliosis treatment must be customized to the particular, specific needs of each individual patient.  However, there are certain key aspects of our protocols which are integral to achieving consistent, measurable success in scoliosis treatment.  It is important that the patient understand the science behind these protocols to take full advantage of their benefits.

The CLEAR protocols involves Mix, Fix, Set, to achieve success in scoliosis treatment. The Mix protocol coming from the use of various devices to warm up the spine prior to receiving chiropractic adjustments. The fix, coming from the adjustment itself, and the various devices used to perform those specific spinal adjustments.The final step, the set, comes from everything that is done post-adjustment to help "set" the spine into the correct position to ensure permanency of the changes.

Traditional vs Corrective Bracing 

Traditional bracing utilizes the Boston Brace, the most commonly prescribed brace for scoliosis today. The Boston brace differs from a corrective brace in the way that a corrective brace is designed to reduce the scoliosis while wearing the brace. Corrective bracing uses the best best corrective principles from other bracing methods. A corrective brace is custom designed to for the patients unique measurements and needs 

Corrective bracing is just one of the many options a doctor may consider when looking at how to treat scoliosis. Braces are prescribed on a case by case basis if the doctor truly believes it will help treat the patient.


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"I struggled with back pain for 4 years prior to seeking help for my Scoliosis. I decided after visiting Dr. Breidenbach that it was worth the financial commitment and time dedication to go through the CLEAR scoliosis treatment. My pain throughout the 4 years was more of an extreme discomfort and occasional immobilization from immense pain spikes. My biggest problems occurred when I was on my feet for long periods of time, sitting for too long, and any type of consecutive lifting. It was emotionally draining because no matter what stretches, exercises or methods I tried, nothing seemed to work.
My pain level now, after completing the 4 month treatment program and continuing my at-home protocol, is extremely low and very manageable. The only time I experience discomfort is after very long days on my feet, which still only results in minor soreness. I am so much happier and less stressed about everyday activities, and can do so much more than before. My Cobb angle also improved from 13.8 degrees down to 4 degrees (71% improvement).
I would suggest the CLEAR scoliosis Center of La Crosse to anyone that experiences pain and dysfunction with scoliosis. The whole staff was extremely kind and supportive, while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. I am so happy to have a normal life without the constant annoyance and discomfort of pain from scoliosis.