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Mild scoliosis carries a significant risk of progression (up to 22%). Once the scoliosis passes 20°, risk of progression more than triples to 68%!

By stopping the progression early, we can prevent a severe health crisis.

Symptoms of Mild Scoliosis:

  • Scoliosis curve is less than 25°
  • May have tilted head, uneven shoulders or hips.
  • Head may appear forward of shoulders when viewed from the side ("Forward Head Posture").
  • Clothing may hang unevenly.
  • May have uneven leg lengths (with patient laying straight on the floor or bed, observe where the shoes meet)
  • May go unnoticed, even by medical doctors or school screeners.
  • May or may not be associated with pain.
  • Most common in young, premenstrual girls, but can be seen in boys or adults.
  • Is not a candidate for bracing or surgery.

The Benefits of Mild Stage Scoliosis Treatment

  • Easy to overcome when the curve is small
  • Cosmetic deformity are a much greater concern at this stage
  • More energy
  • Scoliscore test may be used to determine propensity of progression (99% accuracy). If the test is low unnecessary diagnostic X-Ray radiation may be avoided, if the test is high your CLEAR doctor can help you overcome the Scoliosis while the curve is small.

Scoliosis can be a scary and confusing disease. Receiving that first diagnosis changes your life. We want you to know that you are not alone. At CLEAR™ Institute, we’re working to find answers and develop new treatments to benefit patients. CLEAR™ Institute has been thinking outside the box since 2000 to create scoliosis treatment options that make sense.

While researchers are still working to find all the answers to scoliosis, one truth surfaces again and again: smaller curves progress into bigger, more aggressive curves. Despite this fact, many doctors still recommend observation or the “watch and wait” method for patients with curves under 25 degrees. Unfortunately, this method of delaying treatment reduces the patient’s opportunity for stopping curve progression early, while the scoliosis is most manageable.

CLEAR™ Institute offers the only mild scoliosis treatment program available today. CLEAR’s program is non-invasive and pro-active. CLEAR’s mild scoliosis program was specifically created to address the treatment needs of patients with a developing scoliotic condition, and has corrected thousands of curves. Enrolling your son or daughter in a mild scoliosis treatment program will provide them with the best opportunity to reduce and stabilize their spinal curve before it progresses.


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